IndianProduct Web Designing

  • All web-presence aspirants need to learn the mix of web jargon. The net surfers connect with each other in their own lingo, visuals and means of communicating.

    Driven by the mouse movements and the impact of the information arranged on the small rectangle of the monitor, the whole paradigm of communicating is 'just different'.

    High performance business web sites
    You can use your web sites to supply information to customers, to provide 24 hour / 7 day support world wide. Or you can interact with
    your customers, get their feedback, collect sales leads .

    Practical performance
    Revenue generating business sites are vastly different from personal homepages or art-oriented sites. Business sites need to load fast and run well. The site must look good too. If your site is slow to load, then          it is  likely to lose a potential customer. We can work with you to find the optimum balance of speed and appearance for YOUR site.
  • We offer innovative services to keep you ahead of the competition like:

  • Submitting of individual names to directories to be listed in the search engines.
  • Constant updating our lists of submission directories to provide most exposure for our clients.
  • Submitting every unique URL within your site to the Web's most popular spider-based search engines to make sure that every page gets listed. We have a list of most such sites like online yellow pages, specific business directories, specialized resource pages including vendors, suppliers and providers of complimentary products.
  • Registering you in online banner swap programs, link/banner exchange programs to generate more website traffic.
  • Buy ad banners on other related sites of your category for effective website marketing.
  • Direct e-mail marketing with potential customers. Posting e-mails to newgroups that cover topics associated with your product.
  • Establish Referral links other from sites to generate traffic to your website.
  • Depending on your ad budget you can choose scale of web promotion.
  • Announce you on news groups.


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